We’ve all heard the saying: “Age is just a number”, and nothing is farther from the truth. I’ve met 90 year olds with more energy and zest for life than many 18 year olds. You really are "only as old as you feel".
However, when it comes to romantic relationships where there are substantial age differences, they are often met with disdain and negative judgement from others. Why is this the case? Let’s not forget that often when we pass judgement on others it is really just a reflection of what’s going on within. Every person has an individual set of values and a sense of right and wrong that is based on their upbringing and life experiences. 
If two people are happy and committed to each other at whatever age, sounds great to me!
Age differences can stir up controversy, but it doesn’t have to.

                                                         For Women:

1. Get Clear
As a woman, you need to decide what’s most important to you when it comes to romantic relationships. Are you looking for someone to grow old with or are you just looking to have a good time? If you desire a life partner, it’s best not to choose a guy who has one foot in the grave.

2. Don’t Worry What Others Think
If you truly love your older (or younger) man, why worry what others think? Real love is hard to find and whenever you do find it, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s not everyday that you meet someone that you have amazing chemistry with. Don’t leave a good man because your friends and family think you should find someone more age appropriate. 

3. Burn Your List
Every single woman I know has that “list”. You know, the one where we write out what our ‘perfect man’ is like. Listen ladies, bottom line, if your man criteria is to narrow, you could just end up being alone. If you’re insisting that your future husband/boyfriend be of a certain age, religion, or social status, you could end up missing out on finding a soulmate that potentially could be the most amazing of relationships. 

                                                          For Men:

1. Get Valid ID and Info
Statutory rape is a crime, and many unsuspecting men have ended up in jail for not getting enough information. If you find yourself attracted to any young woman, do yourself a huge favor and check her ID. Then check it again.

2. Go For Maturity
When choosing a woman, a man that desires marriage and a family should be searching for a woman with maturity as opposed to focusing primarily on her age. 

3. Communicate
If you’re dating a woman where there is a large age gap and you really don’t see a future with her, be honest and communicate that to her. 
Even if your relationship won't end up in marriage, it doesn’t mean that you both can’t have an amazing time right now. 
My advice, live in the moment!

​Age Differences