Almost everyone has a horror story of a blind date gone awry. But, with the explosion of social media, are any dates really blind anymore? Let’s be realistic, the internet has changed everything, including the dating game. But even though we may have caught a glimpse of our prospective date, it still doesn’t quell our fears or stop us from being nervous meeting someone for the first time! But blind dates don’t have to be from hell…

                                                            For Women:

1. You Can Say No
So there’s this guy from Facebook…stop right there. He looks harmless, nice even. You have 151 mutual friends. He’s sent you dozens of messages. But here’s the thing: you don’t know him.  He could be the greatest guy on the planet, or…he could be a rapist. You just don’t know. Unfortunately, there are a lot of creeps out there. You can say no. 

2. Enlist the Help of Friends
When you’re ready to date and get serious, put the word out to your girlfriends. Mention that you’d like to be set up with a great guy, and if they know any. Your friends don’t know that you’re willing to go on a blind date unless you tell them! 

3. Not Those Friends 
Your single girlfriends are not the best choice to ask to set you up, ask your happily married girlfriends to do that. Why? Well, they are in competition with you. She may have a boyfriend and really care for you, but there’s some subconscious urge to be competitive with you. Think about this: any guy a single girlfriend sets you up with is either not good enough for her or she is not good enough for him, yet they have remained friends. See how this can get complicated? Balk and disagree with me if you’d like but I’ve learned this through experience the hard way.

                                                           For Men:

1. Be Open Minded
When you first see your blind date’s photo and she doesn’t look the exact way you might want her to look, ask yourself: Are you perfect? Just kidding, but we all know that a photo can be misleading. Obviously you can’t date someone that you are not attracted to, but give her a chance! No one looks in real life exactly the way they do in photos.

2. Meet Her in Daylight
The best way to determine if there is any chemistry is to meet for a quick coffee date in broad daylight. You’ll be able to see every little imperfection, and as an added bonus, you’ll be sober. If you still find that you want to see her again, you’re on to something!

3. Make Sure You’re Ready
Your buddy wants to set you up with the woman he thinks you’re going to marry. From the way he talks about her, you can tell she’s a quality woman that values herself highly. Make sure you’re ready to be in a serious relationship before you get set up with someone who has relationship potential! 

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