Good communication is the basis of any healthy relationship. Whether you are talking or listening-both are equally important. Men and Women communicate in different ways, but it’s clear that for any relationship to work we need to find a common ground. Communicating happens not only through words, but by body language and tone of voice as well. As human beings, we have a basic need to connect with others. In fact, true intimacy comes from revealing your ‘true self’, which is done through proper communication.

                                              For Women:

1. Figure Out What You Want
Too many women aimlessly go on dates, without really knowing what they want. Here’s a tip-you can’t tell any man what you want if you don’t know yourself! Spend some alone time and get clear about what you're looking for.

2. It’s All How You Say It
You can communicate your needs without nagging or being negative. For example, you could say; “I love it when you call me on your way home from work”- instead of -“You never call me on your way home from work”…..see the difference? Not many men will continue to date Ms. Negative. It’s also important to really listen to what a man is saying. Most people aren’t truly listening but in their silence are actually formulating their response in their heads. Shut up and hear him out.

3. Don’t Beat Around the Bush
Men are very simple creatures and most of them don’t read minds. If you want or need something -you had better just lay it out. Make it plain and simple so he understands you.

                                              For Men:

1. Your Actions Speak Too
Most women realize that men are not big on pouring their hearts out. We realize that actions speak louder than words. Make sure your actions match your words, or your lady is likely to not believe you. If you say one thing and do something entirely different, you’re a jerk-plain and simple.

2. Don’t Lie
You notice how I sneak that into every article? Well, that’s because it’s super important. If you lie once and get caught, your girlfriend is likely to not trust you anymore. And once the trust is gone-it’s difficult-if not impossible- to get it back. Just do the whole world a favor and stop lying!

3. Don’t Always Be So Honest
Wait…..What did she just say?!?! Ok, I realize it sounds like I’m contradicting myself -so let me explain. If your girlfriend asks you; “Does this make my butt look big?” -she’s not really looking for the truth. Chances are she’s bloated and feels fat and just needs a little reassurance from you. This is where you jump in and say; “I Love your butt! It’s the first thing I noticed about you!” This gives you a green light to go in and caress her….I think you’re catching on!

​Communication is Key