Gold Diggers are everywhere these days. The dictionary defines a Gold Digger as a woman “who becomes or tries to become romantically involved with a rich man in order to get money and gifts from him.”  Um, excuse me? Maybe the dictionary hasn’t been updated in a few years because male Gold Diggers are just as common these days. (Resist the urge to vomit please.) So I turned to the Urban Dictionary, which says a Gold Digger is “a person who goes out with you fo’  yo’ money.” This is verbatim people. But in all seriousness, this insanity just needs to end. And here’s how:

                                                       For Women:

1. It’s NOT a Career
Being a Gold Digger is not a career, although some women have made it into theirs. Listen ladies, you might be able to land this guy in bed for a few months, and it’s possible he will be a sucker and pay your rent for a while, but in all honesty, you’re one step away from prostitution. Which is illegal by the way…. Have some respect for yourself and don’t go there.
2. Never Expect Things

A man that has truly fallen in love with a woman really wants to take care of her. It all goes sour though the moment she starts to expect it and take it for granted. No one wants to keep doing nice things for someone else if it’s not appreciated. 
3. Be Grateful
Listen, everyone goes through tough times. Maybe you just got laid off from your job, or your ex is a dead-beat dad. It happens. If your significant other chooses to help you through tough times, be grateful. 

                                                         For Men:

1. Just Pretend
Listen guys, if I was a wealthy man and was looking for real love -- I would pretend to have less than I actually do. You want a woman who is in love with you, not your money…right? For the first few dates, rent a car. Don’t take her back to your home. If she still going out with you and making plans to see you in the future, then she just might like you. If you just want a hot chick for the week or a month, by all means, flaunt that black card. 
2. Study Her
These days, with social media, you can tell a lot about a person before you even meet them. Look at her photos. See where she “checks in.” If most of her photos are of her scantily clad on a yacht, in front of a Lambo, on a private jet….run for your life!
3. Don’t Be One
There is nothing more appalling and distasteful than a man who dates a woman for her money.  We should all rejoice that that women are doing so well these days, holding C suite positions or running their own multi-million dollar business, but if you wouldn’t like a woman doing it to you, why become one too?

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