As if Dating in the modern world wasn’t complicated enough, with the advent of Social Media- it’s become downright convuloted. While Social Media can be a great vehicle to obtain more information about the person you’re dating, it’s made the mating ritual awfully chaotic. From Tweets to Facebook status’ to Instagram hashtags…is anyone else feeling confused? Well, it doesn’t have to be if you follow my guidelines. Here we go….

                                           For Women

1. Just Don’t
 As in- don’t post photos of the two of you together- don’t ‘check him in’ at your location- and for heaven’s sake- don’t ask him to be ‘in a relationship’. If at all possible, don’t even ‘add’ him as a friend. He’s the man here…if he knows you’re on social media- that’s his job. Women these days are getting too aggressive and need to embrace their femininity.

2. Double Time
 This isn’t what it sounds like. What I’m talking about is how men are on a totally different timeline than women. So if you’ve been dating a guy for six months and are dying to post something, double that time. As in, wait for a year. If you really want to play it safe, triple it. It’s very simple- men just need more time than we do. If you’re not willing to give him time- kiss that potential relationship goodbye.

3. Test the Waters
 Ok, so you’ve doubled the time and still nothing from him. It’s time for ‘the test’. Post a photo- maybe without tagging him- to see his reaction. If he totally freaks out, I’ve got news for you-he’s not that into you. Move on. Quickly.

                                            For Men

1. Don’t Let Her Get Away
 I’ve seen it happen before. You’re dating a great girl but just dragging your feet about it. All of a sudden- she’s dating someone else and you’ve decided that you just can’t live without her. If you really dig her…make her your girlfriend. You just might be really upset if you let her be the ‘one that got away’.

2. Don’t Overdo It
 Look, everyone is really happy for you that you are dating someone new…and she’s hot! But you don’t need to post a super cute selfie of the two of you together everyday. Nor should you like every single one of her photos. Playing it cool will get you much farther and will make you look more confident.

3. She Can See Everything
It’s important to understand how social media works before you get in over your head. If you comment on some stripper’s photo on Facebook at 2am in the morning, there is a chance she will see it (understand that it does pop up in the news feed that so-and-so commented on this). Likewise, she will see every photo you are tagged in. So gentlemen, put that beer down and…. think before you post! 

​Social Media and Dating