Love makes the world go around. Love conquers all. It’s all about the Love. Truly, Love is one of the most important basic human needs. So why is it so hard to say? The L bomb is just what it sounds like…the first time someone says ‘I Love You’.  Apparently some men (I’m guessing the eternal bachelor types) compare saying ‘I Love You’ to an explosion with potentially disastrous consequences. But falling In Love is an amazing experience and life just wouldn’t be the same without it. Nothing else in the world can make a person feel as special as when they are told they are loved. So I have come up some helpful guidance when it comes to dropping the L Bomb…proceed with caution!

                                     For Women:

1. Never be the First
 A woman should never be the first one to drop the L Bomb. Men are hunters by nature and as a woman you should be letting him take the lead. I happen to know that several of my girlfriends have been the one to drop it first and the same thing always happens…. he runs away…and fast! However, you can tell him ‘I love how you make me feel’…men need a little encouragement too.

2.  Examine his Actions
  Ladies, actions speak louder than words-you’ve heard this before. If your man is holding back saying these three very important words, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. Look to see how he treats you. If he makes you a priority and does nice things for you, he may already be in love.

3. Don’t Get Upset
Just because you’re head over heels for this guy already, doesn’t mean he’s on the same page with you. Men need more time to make definitive relationship decisions. Getting upset about this won’t help you because you can’t ever force or guilt trip someone into loving you.

                                       For Men:

1. Just Do It
 I know men get freaked out by their admission of undying love. It is scary, and you could totally get your heart broken. But if she’s standing there lovingly looking into your eyes, you’ve got a chance…take it!

2. Not So Quickly
 Every person wants to be loved, but saying it too soon could ruin your chances with this special lady. It’s possible she won’t believe you or it could come off as desperate. It’s worth it to wait until the right moment. 

3. Mean It
 I’ve already mentioned women hate being lied to. Don’t ever drop the L Bomb unless you are genuinely in love. Lying about this is an especially awful sin because men use it to manipulate women into getting what they want. If you are truly in love, make the first time you say it memorable and meaningful. Plan a romantic evening- cover your bed with rose petals and light candles. Go for it! Drop that L Bomb…..GOOD LUCK!

​The L Bomb