​To Give or To Receive?

With the holiday season quickly approaching, there is one thing on everyone’s mind: gift-giving. That brings us to the all important question: Is it better to give or to receive? My answer is…both! In any healthy relationship, an equal amount of giving and receiving is crucial. Alas, during the dating process many people get confused about what to do. Do I buy him a present? How much should I spend on her? What’s an appropriate gift? Well, the holidays shouldn’t be stressful. So here are a few tips that might help you out.

                                                                  For Women:

1. Think First.
I know it’s hard when your relationship is something new; but use what you know to gauge what you should do. Are you just dating? Don’t buy him anything. Men cannot be swayed by gifts. In fact, this could be a total turn-off for him. It can look like you’re trying to hard. On the other hand, has he casually mentioned that he is getting you “something great”? Make sure you have a reciprocal gift ready for him. In this scenario, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

2. Hallmark is a Gift Too.
Remember that a gift doesn’t always have to be something expensive or gift wrapped. A beautiful card or a drink/meal/movie is nice, especially when he has been a gentleman and always pays for everything. Be sure to let him know this is a special gift! As the saying goes…it’s the thought that counts.

3. Be Gracious.
As a woman, you should always be grateful. If he has bought you a gift, be sure to thank him profusely (and please, don’t ask to return/exchange it!). Let him know that it makes you feel special and cared for. Studies have shown that men prefer to be respected as opposed to loved. In fact, very few can differentiate between the two. If you didn’t get him anything, don’t lie about it and claim you “left it at home”. Just remember his generosity and buy him something nice for his next birthday….

                                                                     For Men:

1. Don’t Over Think It. 
Any gift you give her should be appreciated.Thinking about it too much will just cause you stress. If she isn’t grateful, then she’s not worth dating in the first place…trust me.

2. Don’t Overspend
A woman who is real and genuinely likes you shouldn’t care about how much you spent. If she does care too much…run in the other direction! Don’t break the bank trying to impress her. She probably won’t understand that you can’t take her out to dinner for the next two months because of how much you spent…

3. Give Without Expectations
Too many times men use gifts as a way to manipulate and control women into getting what they want. If you give freely from your heart without expecting anything in return, it will come back to you…in a good way!!