​True Intimacy

Upon hearing the word intimacy, most people’s minds jump to sexual intercourse. However, physical intimacy is just one part of that. Like the tip of an iceberg, there’s so much more to intimacy hidden beneath the surface. True intimacy involves baring your whole heart and soul and revealing your true self.

    The modern world has made it difficult for us humans to truly connect. There’s so much informal surface connecting, through social media and texting, for example, but it’s a rare thing to be truly and fully intimate with another.  But, as I always reinforce, relationships are the best and fastest way to grow spiritually. After all, our desire to connect with others is ingrained in our genetics to perpetuate the human race. So, it’s not only desirable, but necessary for us as humans to experience true intimacy…

                                                               For Women:

1. Hold Off
Ladies, if you want to have a genuine connection with a man, it’s important to hold off on the sexual stuff. If you haven’t established a “getting to know you” period and immediately hop into bed, chances are very high that you’ll never get to know his innermost thoughts and feelings.

2. Get Him to Open Up

Men aren’t big on spilling their guts and telling you their innermost emotions. Women do that.  Men are programed differently. But if you do see he’s opening up about something he cares about, shut up and listen! Encourage him to talk more about it if you can. You want him to feel comfortable and to know you are a trustworthy ally.

3. Be Yourself
The most important thing to do when dating someone is to just be you. Reveal the real you, albeit slowly. Pretend to be something you are not, and he might just fall in love with a person who doesn’t exist. Don’t you want to be loved for who you are?

                                                                 For Men:

1. Slow Down                                                                                       
Guys, if you are looking for a true connection, try and delay sexual gratification. Show her that you want to learn who she is deep down first; not that you’re just trying to get in her pants. If that’s your primary goal, why are you reading this article anyway?

2. Be Respectful
The worst thing a man can do is to make fun of something a woman is opening up about. How many more times will she tell you her thoughts (or go out with you for that matter) if you make light of her emotions? I’m all for a good laugh, but when you can never be serious, that’s a huge red flag.

3. Don’t Be a Jerk
Believe in it or not, karma is a very real thing. What you put out there will come back to you.  So, if you are pretending to be interested in her emotions just to get something in return, you will pay the price! Don’t be that guy…